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As usual, there’s very little updating done on this site!! I’ve been pretty busy with school and my 5 jobs, (yes, 5 part time jobs, averaging 60 hours a week) but now since I graduated and am working for the government, I have plenty of time to work on this website!  Hurray!

On with the news! 

-         -         Danny’s car ran an impressive 12.8@110 MPH two weekends ago at Luskville dragway, he had a bit of tuning issues, but like anything, it’s a work in progress! Here’s the video. He’s now proud owner of a 3rd Talon…. Sheesh!!

-         -         I ran a rather unimpressive 16.7@79MPH with the van, but I blame it on my 50% throttle runs and my severe miss at high RPM’s… to be continued. Here’s the video of my van’s run.  My Omni is still on the jack stands, SuperMario ported my manifolds and I fitted my probe intercooler last weekend.  The Valve Body will be modified shortly and I should be able to get the car on the road for June 1st

-         -         Chad hasn’t done much to the Scummit, but he has acquired a fine running Jetta for a very good price… Hurray, something slower than my van!  And now that he his “busy” with his GF (WELCOME CELINE!), he is certain to see Omni taillights in the future! ;)

-         -         My brother Pascal bought a new car!  A fine looking 2002 Subaru WRX, wow, what a car! The omni is not getting converted this summer, since all the money he has accumulated for it is now going to the “Paying my Subaru” fund. ;)  1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD Turbo for sale! BTW, I will create a For Sale section here, so that we can put up out parts for sale!!

-         -         Marty’s Omni has been quiet these days; my fellow Turbovan owner had been pretty busy with work and the ever so bastardized Death Star (Black 89 Voyager SE).  He should resurface soon, once Bell decides to plug his phone line!!!

-         -         Max is in full conversion of his Galant, 20 G, new flywheel, bodyskirts and front bumper!! He’s car-less right now, but not for long!

-         -         Alex is now the proud owner of a 1990 Eagle Talon FWD Turbo.  He ran it at the track two Sundays ago and he ran a respectable time of 14.5@IdontrememberMPH. Good job Alex, NOW SLAM THAT CAR TO THE GROUND!

-         -         My GF Gen also bought a new car, a brand spankin’ new 2003 Lazer Blue Mazda Protégé 5, great looker and it handles like it’s on rails.  She looks soooooo sexy in that car, and I get to drive it too!

Well, that’s it for the news, I think…. I’ll get some more info when I get to see the guys!  I’ll be working hard on the design of this webpage in the following weeks, starting tomorrow!!  I will take pictures of the numerous cars, create individual pages for all of them (except the beaters) and design the gallery section!





Happy new year!  This is the 1st update of 2003, and things are going pretty good for most of us in the Sleepers gang!

- Chad has finally installed his engine into the very stylish Eagle Summit (At least it's faster than my van!) and it's boosting fine.  There's a minor miss issue, but that'll be fixed when more time and money will be available!

- Max needs a new tranny for the Impala, seems that the reverse gear is gone.  Bad start of 2003!

- I had some fun too in the holiday season!  My thermostat decided that the engine was'nt running hot enough, so it decided to stay shut until the poor little 2.5 overheated.... no damage done, but I got scared! Plus, changing the culprit was a bitch, since Canadian Canoe gaskets are FAWKING GARBAGE! After 3 tries, I decided to put a Mopar unit instead... and voila!  And yesterday, my oh so smart SMEC computer in the van decided that the alternator did'nt need to work anymore, so the system was'nt charging at all.... worked all day today on it, and we installed an old super Mopar Voltage regulator and bingo.... TAKE THAT YOU LAZY COMPUTER!

No news yet about the rest of the gang, I'm pretty busy fixing the van, so it's hard to keep in touch!  I will try to create more pages on the website for your viewing enjoyement, but the cars page won't be up for a while, since I need new pictures of the cars!

Keep on boostin'!



Well, this is the new page! It's about time! It's been since November of 2001 since I did anything on any webspace for the gang.  I've been pretty busy with work and school, but now I am taking the time to make the webpage! The site is'nt complete yet, but here are some news;

- Chad sold the Golf to Mario, so the car stays in the group and it's still going to run 13,9!!

- Chad bought a very nice (insert laugh here) 1992 Eagle Summit and he is in the process of installing a 4g63 engine in it... now that is a nice sleeper! Can't wait to see that thing go!

-  Danny is selling everything that was in the Project SuperColt so he can build his Talon, focusing on one project... now that  is going to be one fast car.

- Max has the Impala now, so the big black pimpin' mobile is still doing donuts somewhere around town!

- Somebody has been naughty, vandalized my Caravan and left me with 2 slashed tires and a broken mirror... F*CKERS

- J-F is gathering parts to Turbo his 2000 GTX, so it'll be pretty sweet and fast!

- Felix will soon receive his new pistons for the MR2, so that will make a big difference! Getting some bodywork done too, to fix some old mistakes!

- Pascal and I are also gathering the final parts for our Turbo II conversion, getting ready for high 13's (dreaming......)

- I probably forgot some news, but that's allright! It'll get included next time!